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We keep tracks of diverse asset classes across the border including
equity, ETF, fixed income, mezzanine, derivatives and commodity/currency.
We execute our investments delicately, reinforcing our positions only in markets with good opportunity

  • Equity: Equities listed on Korea/overseas exchange, IPOs, private equities
  • ETF: market/sector ETFs listed on Korea/overseas exchange
  • Commodity/Currency: commodity/currency futures listed on overseas exchange including crude oil, metal, grain
  • Fixed Income: Korea Treasury Bonds, Currency Stabilization Bonds, corporate bonds and overseas bonds
  • Derivative: market/sector futures on Korea/overseas exchange
  • Mezzanine: CBs, BWs, Ebs
  • We diversify our portfolio with variety of products across the globe.
  • We execute our investment only in markets with better opportunities, minimizing opportunity cost.
  • We achieve risk management and portfolio diversification naturally in our flow.