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An investment management company that
can turn crisis into opportunity

Equipped with guts in the face of adversity and a keen analysis to spot opportunity within, Timefolio has recorded steady absolute returns despite high volatility. Timefolio was launched in June 2008 as an investment advisory. And with its very inception, Timefolio encountered a global financial crisis.Stock markets around the globe plunged in panic selling, with Kospi down 40%. In the middle of the crisis, Timefolio managed to achieve absolute return thanks to intense research and bold execution. At the wake of 2011 European sovereign debt crisis, Timefolio posted superior return exhibiting risk management capability out of contrarian investment philosophy.

Phenomenal track record based on absolute return strategy

Timefolio is a group of professionals constantly striving for investor confidence through robust outcome. We recruited and cultivated finest talents, constructed TMS (Timefolio Management System) integrating quant engine, operations and risk management. And it is the only management firm in Korea adopting MMS (Multi-manager System).
Timefolio has been delivering steady returns every year by allocating right professionals and strategies in the right places. Literally, Timefolio has posted 29th straight profit for the last

Reinforced volatility management through multi-manager system

Timefolio has incessantly worked to discover better investment opportunities and develop superior strategies, not settling for the past performance.Existing strategies including equity long-short, active, system trading, event-driven and mezzanine have all delivered steady returns, and on top of them, we are combining global macro/CTA, overseas equity and fixed income as well to fortify portfolio stability. We deeply appreciate the value of our clients' asset, a product of long endeavor and savings.
Timefolio always guarantee our best effort to realize co-prosperity, our vision that translates into satisfaction and growth for all; investors, company and our professionals.

Name Timefolio Asset Management Paid-in capital 5.4  bn
Vision Co-prosperity Total equity 148.1  bn
CEO Sung Hwan Hwang Main business Asset management and trust
Investment Advisory Since Jul 28, 2008 Tel. (Fax) +82-2-533-8940 (+82-2-534-3305)
Asset Management Since Apr 29, 2016 Address 19F, 24, Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu,

Seoul, Korea, 150-734
Employee full 32, part 1 (17 professional PMs) Official webpage www.timefolio.co.kr