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Investing in stocks, a must in slow growth era

Estimate on economic growth in Korea now humbly hobers around 2% according to KERI. Market interest rates haven't climbed over 2% for long.
On the other hand, short-term available liquidity still seeking alpha has skyrocketed to break $1tn.
Now we see that we are living in an era where investment in stocks is a must.
Albeit necessary, many investors say they can't easily find trustworthy partner to commit their life-time savings.
I'd like daringly to say Timefolio is the best group of investment professionals along with its well-proven history of success.

Capability to locate investment opportunities in every market environment

It's indeniable global economy now goes into slow growth pace. Nevertheless, we believe there are still favorable investment opportunities hidden even in tough times. Reflecting on our decade-long investment history, no market was hardly labeled "easy one to make money in".
Most of time, investors have whined about tough market condition and we think it's not different now in that context.
But Timefolio has strong belief good opportunities always loom even with severe uncertainties.And better opportunities always followed tougher times.Our strength lies in that we discover these chances faster than any other firms in protean market, which our sustained track records prove well.

The first principle, "not to lose"

Our primary objective is to protect our clients' asset without any loss, though we do pursue satisfactory returns for our clients.
Our first principle has protected our return, with a track record of 30 consecutive halves without any loss, which enabled us realize the magic of compounding.
Despite the past record, we will continue to devote our resources to turn Timefolio into the most trustworthy financial partner that can last 50, 100 years.
We would like you to keep an eye on our growth along the way.
Thank you.

CEO, CIO Sung-hwan Hwang